Iasmin Goes

Iasmin Goes

Junior Research Fellow

Carlos III – Juan March Institute


I am a Junior Research Fellow at the Carlos III – Juan March Institute in Madrid, and in August 2022, I will join Colorado State University as an Assistant Professor of Political Science. I study the political economy of natural resources, with a focus on how international organizations promote natural resource governance in the Global South. Other topics of interest include statistical capacity, energy transitions, and economic development broadly defined.

I hold a PhD in Government and an MS in Statistics from the University of Texas at Austin, in addition to degrees in Political Science and Latin American Studies from Freie Universität Berlin. I was born in Brazil and named Iasmin (rather than the more traditional variant Yasmin) because Y was not a letter of the Portuguese alphabet at the time. In my free time, I like to run, bike, cook, and read novels; you can check out what I am currently reading here.